Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Two To Go

I sent TMA05 in for marking late last night, and for the first time in 5 years of university work I deliberately padded the essay to get it completed. Not that my padding was off topic, I added in a quote from Professor Nick Groom about the Goth band Fields Of The Nephilim and then responded to the quote. So it was on topic for the essay question but not in a manner that is going to get me any points.

If I wasn't still on the cusp of being able to achieve a 1st I don't think I'd be panicking so much. The awful score I received for my EMA on the previous religions module left my overall score just short of a 1st, but with the outside possibility of still getting there. Perhapos a lower score earlier in the course would have just left me in solid 2.1 territory and that would have been an end to the sleepless nights and endless stress.

I don't think TMA05 is going to get me over the 85% grade, and as it carries 25% of the total score for the module that's probably the end of that. Perhaps I can just relax a little now and coast over the line. Perhaps sometime soon I can return to reading books for fun, or not spending every single day off perched in front of the computor writing bloody essays.

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