Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pre-Race Nerves

I'm running my first ever 10k road race today in Huddersfield. I'm a little nervous and excited at the same time, Meg has sent me back upstairs so I'm not pacing the house. We did 10 miles on Wednesday night with the running Club, the wonderfully friendly Airecentre Pacers, so I don't think this distance will be a problem. I've been warned that there are some hills to negotiate though, but that said, you can't really go running at all in this part of the world without encountering a few hills.

I'll be proudly wearing my neon orange Pacers t-shirt, I know, I know, I don't ever usually do anything on a team basis or willingly wear the a uniform that other people are wearing, but you have to break your own rules once in a while.

(Pic - Amanda Connolly)

This was the Sunday Breakfast run last week, 9 miles over Otley Chevin which would have been really pleasant except for the howling gale which greeted us as we left the woods. I'm probably to blame to Wednesday night's 10 miles as I'd mentioned on Facebook that a 10 miler would be good, I'd said that before spending all day on my feet at the cafe of course. It was cold, but that's fine as I overheat after a mile or so, then it started snowing, and I have to admit that the last couple of miles weren't really much fun at all. I kept falling off the back of the peloton as we heading back uphill to Guiseley, although the club practice 'looping' so the faster runners keep returning to the rear to pick up the fat old lads. Tony and Muhammad seemed to have enough energy to do another 10 miles.

This morning some of the club are running the Harewood Half Marathon, just a bit far for me right now, especially as I think it's a trail run. I'll be at Harewood in two weeks for the 10k.

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