Monday, December 16, 2013

Album Review : Nitrogods - Nitrogods 8*

Well if there's enough room in the world for Airbourne to re-create the sound of AC/DC, then there's probably enough space for Nitogods' re-imaginings of Motorhead.

When the opening track 'Black Car Driving Man' kicks in with its heavy and bluesy riff it is really Motorhead all over, and it takes a bit of listening, on this track at least, to differentiate Oimel Larcher's vocals from Lemmy's. 'Demolition Inc.' follows in a familiar but highly enjoyable vein and then Nitrogods prove that they are not a one trick homage band by filtering Gogol Bordello via heavy metal and and quart of Jagermeister on 'At Least I'm Drunk.'

Nitrogods can't really be described as an upcoming young band, all three members, Oimel Larcher on guitar/vocals, Henny Wolter (Guitar & Vocals) and Klaus Sperling (Drums) have been around the block a bit. Wolter has put in two stints with Judas Priest-alikes Primal Fear, Larcher and Sperling both have over 20 years each in the music industry behind them.

The experience and contacts that the members of Nitrogods have made have allowed them to pull a few strings and get some mates to guest on their debut, listen out for Fast Eddie Clarke's solo on 'Wasted In Berlin' and the (now retired) Dan McCafferty's vocals on 'Whisky Wonderland'.

Nitrogods is a grin inducing, headbang triggering dozen tracks of alcohol soaked heavy metal fun. It rocks, it rolls, it thunders, if you like your music loud, fast and played with honesty then this is for you. Sung in English, made in Germany, fuelled by booze and love of what they they do, Nitrogods may not be young guns, but they're a real blast of rock and rock pleasure.

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