Monday, November 11, 2013

Essay - Minecraft - Essay

Must not play Minecraft, must write an essay on the etymology of the word 'skirt'. Must research another essay on the role of Homer and John Donne and their respective places within the canon of literature.

Taking on two university modules at the same time suddenly seems rather tougher than I thought it was going to be. I thought the two modules might dovetail nicely together with one of them (U214 Worlds of English) being language based and the other (A150 Voices and Texts) being text based, and therefore based on language as well. The reality though is that the actual essay work is so specific that the two modules are some distance apart.

With a Monday morning deadline looming for my U214 essay I sat up late on Friday at my computer trying to get 1000 words written about 'skirt' without waffling or wandering away from the subject. This has been the hardest essay so far. Examining the mechanics of language has a distinctly scientific feel to it. For most of the work there are only correct or incorrect answers. I have not been able to argue a case and back it up with supporting evidence or opinion in the way I have been working through the arts and religions modules. Instead it has very much been a case of 'this is how this word functions' or 'this is not a present participle.'

Very late on Friday night I was almost in tears when it suddenly struck me that I should have presented all my individual references for the OED Online in alphabetical order. After some minutes of panic I rejected the alphabetical idea, because surely that would have meant re-working all of my in-line references every time I added a new one. I hope this is the correct choice.

Anyway, with some brief linguistic descriptions of language terminology done, and a thousand words in which I hope I did not 'skirt' the issue, Tutor Marked Assignment 01 for this module has gone.

Red-figure pottery by Sosias. Achilles bandages the arm of wounded Patroclus
in a scene inspired by The Iliad.

Essay weeks come hard and fast when you're doubled up, and this week we have a group wiki to build in which we need to compare and contrast Homer's Iliad with John Donne's poetry and examine the authors places within the canon and look at their relative measures of authority.

Come on then Team Red, let's make it good.

And don't get (too) distracted by playing Hexxit Minecraft when I should be studying.

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