Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Nice Ship - I'll Have It

Sunday Mining Op
Sunday Mining Op (Photo credit: Morphisat)
Well what's this ?

I just warped into a mining site, with nothing more nefarious on my mind than harvesting some asteroid ore. There are already two ships in the site, but, there's only a single pilot!  As quickly as I can turn my Dominix around I warp back to station, eject and then warp back to the site with fingers crossed.

The fool is still there, he's using a Retriever to slowly fill the massive ore holds of an Orca. And he's in the mining ship. As I speed across the gap between us he sees me coming, and rapidly ejects from the ore barge and climbs swiftly back aboard the Orca.

No worries, I'd have loved to grab a free Orca, but I'll settle for a free mining barge. I jump aboard, turn the ship around and head back for the station. The aggrieved pilot opens a chat channel and asks me why I have stolen his "worthless mining barge."

"It's worth 25 million isk unfitted," I reply. "And if you were any slower you'd have lost the Orca, then you'd be crying."

I'm not normally a pirate or griefer in the game, so I offered him the ship back for 10 million, complete with all of its fittings. The pilot said he could build 10 Retrievers with 10m isk and turned me down. Oh well, I've got a 25m isk ship plus fittings, and I've stripped another 25m isk of rare ore from the site, and there's another pilot out there who is a little bit older and little bit wiser.  My morning's work is done.
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