Friday, October 18, 2013

Holiday Reading

The Crock of Gold - James Stephens 7*
Gone Bamboo - Antony Bourdain 9*
The Merchant of Venice - William Shakespeare 6*
Beowulf - Anon 10*
What Is Enlightenment ? - Immanuel Kant 6*
95 Theses - Martin Luther 7*
Ghosts - Henrik Ibsen 8*
House Of Chains - Steven Erikson 9*
The Land That Time Forgot - Edgar Rice Burroughs 8*
The People That Time Forgot - Edgar Rice Burroughs 6*
Gone - Michael Grant 6*
America Pacifica - Anna North 6*
Human, All Too Human - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche 8*
Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals - Immanuel Kant 3*
The Tiger's Wife - Tea Obreht 8*
Diary Of A Nobody - George and Weedon Grossmith 9*
The Scarlet Plague - Jack London 9*
The Fox Princess - Charlie Flowers 7*

Also, Blogger have made lists build from the bottom up rather than the top down, this has ruined my order of reading for the year.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Skindred "WARNING " from the album Union Black

Reggae heavy metal, it seems like it shouldn't work yet it does. I'm really looking forward to seeing these guys at HardRockHell.

Nice Ship - I'll Have It

Sunday Mining Op
Sunday Mining Op (Photo credit: Morphisat)
Well what's this ?

I just warped into a mining site, with nothing more nefarious on my mind than harvesting some asteroid ore. There are already two ships in the site, but, there's only a single pilot!  As quickly as I can turn my Dominix around I warp back to station, eject and then warp back to the site with fingers crossed.

The fool is still there, he's using a Retriever to slowly fill the massive ore holds of an Orca. And he's in the mining ship. As I speed across the gap between us he sees me coming, and rapidly ejects from the ore barge and climbs swiftly back aboard the Orca.

No worries, I'd have loved to grab a free Orca, but I'll settle for a free mining barge. I jump aboard, turn the ship around and head back for the station. The aggrieved pilot opens a chat channel and asks me why I have stolen his "worthless mining barge."

"It's worth 25 million isk unfitted," I reply. "And if you were any slower you'd have lost the Orca, then you'd be crying."

I'm not normally a pirate or griefer in the game, so I offered him the ship back for 10 million, complete with all of its fittings. The pilot said he could build 10 Retrievers with 10m isk and turned me down. Oh well, I've got a 25m isk ship plus fittings, and I've stripped another 25m isk of rare ore from the site, and there's another pilot out there who is a little bit older and little bit wiser.  My morning's work is done.
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Gone, (and hopefully) Never to Return

Losing Weight
Losing Weight (Photo credits:
In March of this year my best fried Wosser asked if I'd like to join him at a WeighWatchers meeting. This is the sort of thing best friends can do, you have to be really close to a person to point out that they're fat and ought to do something about it and get away with it without getting slapped.

He was correct though. At the initial weigh-in I tipped the scales at 16 stone 6 pounds. I weighed myself this Monday morning, 6 months after beginning my food and exercise programme...

11 stone 6 pounds. In 6 months I have shed 5 stone or 70 pounds in weight, and on the fitness side I have moved from plodding, blowing and halting along a flat mile to regularly doing cross-country distances of over 10 miles.

I think that if you have allowed yourself to become overweight, then perhaps you need a number of things to line up in your life before you can lost the weight. I think for myself these things were WeightWatchers, support from friends and family, and self motivation.

Without my best friend I would not have gone to a WeightWatchers meeting in the first place, and the continued help and support from my wife and my close friends has been invaluable. Doing the plan together, my friend and I have been able to cook dinner party meals for ourselves and our families that didn't send us over our ProPoints allowances. My wife has also joined me in WeightWatchers, she has lost a stone and has set a target to lose more and we have been able to help and support each other.

Finding a professional that suits you to assist with your weight loss can be vital, and with my WeightWatchers' leader I just clicked. She is always positive and cheery, full of practical advice and help, supportive when you've had a poor week, and your personal cheerleader when you've achieved a target.

The WeightWatchers ProPoints system has been very easy to use. It doesn't take long to get used to your personal points allowance and the relative points cost of various food types. One of my personal worries was that if  I did not feel full after a meal, then I would just nibble and snack until the next meal came around. With the ProPoints plan I have been abler to make meals that are as large or small as I fancy and still come inside the points needed for regular weight loss.

On top of changing my diet I have picked up running again. Currently I try to run three times a week. My routes vary from 5.5 miles up to a 10 mile moorland circuit. I have twice run a half marathon distance.

Last month I threw away all of my clothes. I no longer owned a single item of clothing that didn't engulf me. When I was big I wore even larger clothes to try and hide my size. Now I'm slimmer I've taken to wearing skinny jeans and slim fit shirts. The only clothing I haven't thrown away are some of my treasured gig t-shirts, if anyone wants to join me inside a marquee sized Monsters of Rock shirt just let me know.

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