Saturday, September 21, 2013

On Yer Marks - Go!

An Essay concerning Humane Understanding in fo...
An Essay concerning Humane Understanding in four books (1690) by John Locke (1632-1704) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
And we're off, almost. The U214 website has opened, we have received the first instalment of our study materials and perhaps most important of all, we can see the TMA questions (that is, Tutor Marked Assignments) for the whole of the module.  Not that we have actually been assigned a tutor or a lecture schedule yet. I do hope that my lectures fall on my days off, fat chance I suppose, and that they are in Leeds or Bradford and not Sheffield as the A217 lectures were.

I did not manage to attend a single lecture on the Introducing World Religions module, although it didn't seem to harm my work much. I scored a 1st in the exam and a high 2:1 in the TMA's.

The TMA's for U214 Worlds of English look fascinating. After getting locked in to a normal essay structure of introduction - arguments - conclusion for the last three modules it will be odd to drop that structure for most of this course.

The first essay asks us to describe, in a linguistic sense, three words, and then to write a 1000 words on one word of our choice that must have been in English use for at least 250 years. Then we have a three article forum piece to write, followed by an audio transcription and discussion, then what looks like a fairly straight essay on use of technology within English development, a discussion on English use in education and finally 3000 words on varieties of English for the EMA (End of Module Assignment).

As the Open University has switched its module timetable around and is condensing some of its 30 point modules into 60 point modules, I have been forced (along with many other students) to double up on modules this winter. I will be taking Year 2 U214 Worlds of English alongside Year 1 A150 Voices and Texts which will complete both my Year 1 and 2 studies.

Oh well, if I wasn't studying I'd only be wasting time playing Eve Online or sleeping or eating or something.
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