Monday, September 30, 2013

Major Series North 2013

So after not learning my lesson in the Over The Odda I entered a second race, this time as a team with my lovely companions Mary and Heloise. Major Series is an undulating 10k with lots of obstacles and mud pools thrown in. Although the pictures show us to be reasonably clean, there were points in the race when we were covered fairly head to toe in stinking black mud.
Mary, Heloise and YS - before

The race began fairly well, we trotted along to the first series series of mud baths where a minor disaster struck. In the 3 foot deep cloying mud Heloise's trainer came adrift. As none of us fancied suffocating in the mire we didn't bother to launch any sort of rescue attempt. A few hundred yards further on, and wading through another thigh deep lake of gloop and Heloise's other trainer was buried as well. Mother and daughter exchanged footwear and Mary, who may be variously called madly keen / hard as nails / verging on mental, ran the remaining 9 kilometres in her socks!

The obstacles en route included an ice bath, mud and water pools of varying depth and stickiness, and the jumps that are normally navigated by horse and rider at the Bramham Park horse trials. Some of the more athletic competitors actually jumped across the horse obstacles, those of us without the long jumping ability of the four-legged had to climb down one side of each obstacle and then climb back up the other side. Being in a team came in very handy at this point, some of the jumps were a bugger to get up and down.


Although 10k isn't all that far, some of the obstacles really took their toll. I found it hard to get going again after doing a belly crawl along a chilling stream under barbed wire, and the muddy river crossing - heads under, and the triple muddy marine plunge - heads under three times in a row, were very energy sapping.

As the race went on the competitors became more and more strung out on the trails and through the woods. Periodically you would become aware of shrieks and yells from ahead, alerting you that another mud or water plunge was imminent.

Nevertheless we made it around the course, and have the t-shirts and survivors medals to prove it. I salute Mary for running in bare feet, and Heloise for getting round despite feeling unwell. A tough but fun morning out and now we'll have to decide what to do to top this. 


Tough Mudder anybody ?

This morning - I thought I'd got myself fairly fit, but today my shoulder muscles are making themselves known with every move, and my upper legs and glutes are sore and stiff. I shall be hobbling around like an old man at work today.

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  1. Target for 2014 then: Rombalds Stride. :)

  2. Woo, that's nearly a marathon, and over much tougher terrain.