Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm a Rampaging Ravager of Books

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OK, so that's this months' reading organised.
English teacher Andrew Barnard came up with a list of r based categories for the various levels of reading which he sees children achieving.

Relisher - Reads 30-40 books a year

Regular - Reads 10-15 books a year

Rusher - Reads in bursts

Reluctant - Reads occasionally

Realist - Lacks the focus to read novels

Rejecter - Only reads if forced to

Rechanneler - Distracted by the online world

Regretter - Wants to read but has reading difficulties

I managed 131 books last year, and I suspect that for many of my GoodReads / BookCrossing friends this isn't an unusually high sum, thus we need a further category...

Rampaging Ravisher - two books a week is the bare minimum, any less than that and we'd actually have to re-engage with the real world from time to time.

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