Monday, August 12, 2013


I don't have a 'before' shot of what our weekly shopping used to contain, but here is today's haul...

Our weekly shop before we started WeightWatchers would have included ready meals along the lines of frozen pizzas and pasta dishes, cream for making sauces, cheese, steak, pork pie and dessert items like chocolate tarts and sundaes.

Now our weekly shop is incredibly healthy. Most of the high fat food we used to buy has either been dropped from our diet (cream, pastry, desserts) or we have exchanged them for healthier versions like WeightWatchers cream, Morrisons NuMe cheese, sweet biscuits and hummus, and semi-skimmed milk for full fat. Half fat cheese some years ago had the exact taste and consistency of shredded car tyres, I am pleased that this is a product which has improved greatly.

Our diet is very much weighted towards vegetables. I like to have a large evening meal, and if the meat content is limited to 100-150g (even less in a low ProPoint stir-fry) and the carbohydrate content is similarly low, then I have to bulk it out with plenty of vegetables otherwise I'm just going to raid the biscuit cupboard afterwards.

The Quorn is an experiment. I'm not giving up on meat, but I'm happy to reduce the fat content. If it turns out to be foul we won't have it again. I shall report back when I've cooked it.

There is some beer in there, and the gin and red wine are just out of shot - I'm not giving up on the real essentials.

Some diet things that are not worth trying...

Zero alcohol white wine - when they removed the alcohol they also removed the acidity, flavour and mouth-feel of the wine leaving a flabby, sweet and ghastly liquid. The other 90% of the bottle went into casseroles and risotto. I have a bottle of lo-cal WeightWatchers wine in the fridge, but I'm in no rush to actually sample it.

Skimmed milk - it doesn't colour your coffee and tastes just like water. Awful.

Coleslaw made with low fat fromage frais - this seemed like a good idea when I thought of it, but it just doesn't work. Coleslaw needs the fatty creaminess of the mayonnaise, even reduced fat mayonnaise, to carry the dish.

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