Saturday, August 10, 2013


I have just woken up from the strangest dream, I'll try to recant some of it before it fades.

I was living with a large group of people in a ramshackle building in a forest. We were preparing for the imminent visit by the Shrike and her partner.  I was giving advice to everyone to remain calm when the Shrike arrived and to do nothing that might be construed as a threat.

When the people arrived it was sudden, they were just in the building with us, and they came with an entourage of children all wearing the same blue uniform.

The Shrike herself was a short-haired, pretty girl wearing a military uniform, she was wreathed in green lightning. I felt compelled to tell her that at one point in my life I had been able to talk to cats, big cats, not the house variety, she was rather underwhelmed by this news. I felt sure that although the Shrike looked frightening, it was her unseen partner that actually held the power.

A small boy of Indian/Pakistani appearance ran up to me and gave me a hug. He was wearing one of the blue uniforms and I asked him whether his father knew that he was going with the Shrike. He said he did.

The Shrike and her group took food, supplies and clean clothing, and left behind three bags of laundry which I thought was a good thing as it would encourage them to return and then the small boy's grandmother would get to see him again.

Anyway, that was my dream, analyse that.

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