Monday, August 12, 2013

At The Chinese Supermarket

On my day off last week I popped into Sing Kee in Leeds to top up on the sort of ingredients that that the mainstream supermarkets tend not to carry, or to charge wildly over the odds for.

The preserved black beans I mainly use along with Oyster sauce for stir-fry dishes. The packet at the upper right in Chinese writing is preserved vegetable, this is intensely sour and I use it in Hot and Sour Soup along with the Shredded Black Ear Fungus in the packet in the centre of the photo.. The more mundane items are the lemon juice and bamboo shoot.

I bought some new items, new to me, this week. Some air dried duck liver sausages, Instant Tom Yam Soup Mix and a jar of Satay An Pho Bo Vien which is a deep red, looks intensely hot and is made up of 16% minced chilli with prawns and peanuts, sounds appetising! The Ayam Malaysian curry I cooked last week and it was delicious. The pack contains enough spice paste and coconut milk to make four servings of curry - I added chicken, onion, bamboo shoot, water chestnuts and peppers.

The young lady on the checkout was intrigued by the stuff I had bought and kept holding the items up and asking "Have you tried this before ?" or "Have you eaten this before ?" to which I answered yes to everything but the sausages which I had bought on a whim. "Chinese sausages, dice them and steam them with rice" Rebecca told me before adding. "English people never buy stuff like this, they only come in for Soy sauce and sweet and sour, you are very adventurous."

And so with shopping bag full and ego inflated I went on my way.

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