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Teens Abandon Facebook for Instagram

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Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg acknowledged that teenagers may be making more use of Instagram than Facebook, but insists that meme distribution in other media isn’t a problem for her company.

Why Are Teens Turning To Instagram ?

Instagram presents a simpler interface than Facebook, it is uncluttered by apps, games, groups and adverts.  All you can is post photos, like and comment. This is what younger teenagers are doing, subverting the photo-commenting routine by taking their conversations away from Facebook and recreating them on Instagram.

Isn’t That A Bit Limited ?

It could be, but inventive young minds find a way.  By clever use of text based photos and smartphone screenshots they can create Facebook styled status updates which their followers can engage with and comment on.  Text based memes appear frequently in Facebook newsfeeds, on Instagram they rule the roost.

I Don’t Really Know Much About Instagram

And as an adult, you are not alone. Although Instagram is keen to build its popularity in the key 18-29 age demographic, uptake of the photo sharing service seems much higher among teenage users.  The cleaner look and easier to use interface of Instagram has made it a hit with younger teens.

Is This A Problem For Facebook 

Facebook paid a reported $1billion to buy Instagram in 2012, so as owners this trend shouldn’t be worrying them. Technology investor Paul Kedrosky said about the purchase "I understand Instagram has 13 employees - so at $77m a head that makes it the most expensive business deal in history that I can think of."

What Is In The Future ?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pledged in 2012 to develop Instagram as a separate brand. If teens turn away from Facebook to Instagram it could potentially undermine the parent company’s advertising revenue. We shouldn’t be surprised then if Instagram takes on a more commercial aspect in the future. Teenagers might be unhappy if their photo streams turn into Facebook-lite, but in a cause and effect way, it will their actions that made it happen.

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