Saturday, June 22, 2013

I Did This!

Some of the articles I did this week, ranked in order of hits/popularity.

Publicity Definition - 50 Top Quotes That Define It

Crowdfunding PR - A Guide for New Entrepeneurs

Russian Tampon Ad You Shared Is A Scene From A Hugh Jackman Movie

Media Relations Training - Top 20 Free Online Resources

JoyDay Norway - Making People Smile

Literally Push Yourself To Extremes For Publicity

It's been a fairly good week. We had a bit of a change in editorial direction that shifted some of the bias from  well crafted to practical and useful. This change certainly seems to be brining more readers tot he magazine and there's nothing that strokes a web writers ego like seeing the hit counter jump up.

The company is called Publiseek, this is what we do...

"PubliSeek is a free online service that helps storytellers and influencers create better content by connecting them with people, organizations, and brands with great stories to tell.

For journalists, bloggers, public speakers, TV & radio producers, authors, conference organizers, Twitterati, & other content creators, PubliSeek helps you tell better stories by connecting you with the right people, organizations, & brands.

Connect with sources, interview experts, get products to review. No signup needed. Start right now."

We're all experts at something. Sign up for the newsletter and see if it interests you. There could well be a day when it says "Journalist needs to talk to an X about Y" and you think "Hey! That's my job / hobby / passion, I could do that."

*And I managed to squeeze Die Antwoord in to the magazine, because I love Die Antwoord.

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