Tuesday, May 28, 2013


A pint of bitter
A pint of bitter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I didn't lose anything this week, and I think I know why.

I used up most of my ProPoints allowance each day, and then had a couple of glasses of wine.  Then perhaps if we were watching TV I'd had a whisky as well, or perhaps two, and I'm free-pouring not pub measuring.  I ended the food week with half a dozen pints of Game Fair Ale at the Yorkshire Game Fair, and a giant hotdog, some paella and then a doughnut or two.  So no real surprises in the weight loss department then.

Last week's failure to shed any flab wasn't down to lack of exercise, I had my best week this year running four times for a total of just over 25 miles, but it's no use running it off if you're going to drink it straight back on again. This week, perhaps I'd better lay off the booze a little.

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