Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Excessive Consumption of Novels

English: William Frederick Poole, a librarian ...
English: William Frederick Poole, a librarian of the Athenaeum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"I have never met a person of much literary culture who would not confess that at some period in his life, usually in his youth, he had read novels excessively...My observation...has confirmed me in the belief that there is mental development of every person who later attains to literary culture a limited period when he craves novel-reading; and perhaps reads novels to excess; but from which, if the desire be gratified, he passes safely out into the broader fields of study, and this craving never returns to him in its original form." - William Frederick Poole quoted in Battles, M., (2003) Library: An Unquiet History, London, William Heinneman.
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