Wednesday, April 24, 2013

You Wonderful People

The World Health Organisation (2007 report) says there are 314 million people in the world who are needlessly blind.

Last week I stumbled round a 10k cross-country race. Last week you wonderful people gave £200 to Sightsavers because I did so.

£200 will pay for four adults or children to have cataract operations.

£200 will pay for 10 Braille kits for people who are permanently blind.

£200 will pay for over 24 Trachoma  operations.

Sightsavers work in some of the poorest parts of the world.  They help people to live more normal lives, to be able to function as others members of society and to work and pay their own way.

Over the next few weeks, some people that you and I have never met, and that we probably never will, will regain their sight because you were generous enough to give away some of your hard earned money.

That's really rather good isn't it.  We've gone without a bottle of wine, or a new shirt, or a dinner out and because of it someone else who is far worse off than us will be able to see for the rest of their life.  You're all wonderful people, many thanks to all of you for helping.

Justgiving for Sightsavers

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