Tuesday, April 16, 2013

WeightWatchers 5%

WeightWatchers 5% weight loss card.
I have been attending WeightWatchers, and following the health program, for 5 weeks already.  At last night's meeting my weigh-in revealed that I have managed to shed 1 stone and 2 lbs, go me! I'm rather impressed.  I have also managed to shed over 5% of my initial starting weight, for which I got an honorary mention in class and a card signed by the group leader.

I have followed the plan every day, making note of what I have been eating and trying to plan dinners ahead so that I am more in control of what I'm stuffing in my mouth.  My next goal is the 10% loss achievement which I think is do-able if I keep counting ProPoints and also keep up the the steady amount of exercise I've been doing.  The points system works well, and with the weekly bonus points I can even have a night like last Saturday, which involved a whole bottle of red wine and a sumptuous amount of Chinese food,

Do I feel any different ? Well, I fastening my belt one notch further on, and I definitely feel there is a little more space in my hiking coat - it isn't stretched tight over my belly any more.  I am fitter as well, not really as a result of WeightWatchers but rather because of the running and hiking.  I managed 5 miles last week without feeling that I was about to expire en route, despite the incident involving a gorse bush and bramble thicket.

All is well at the moment then, now if someone would just give me a job...

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