Saturday, April 06, 2013

Man Of The Soil - The New House Episode #6

In a couple of months I hope to be able to bring you some 'after' photographs, but for now, these are the 'before' pictures.  When we moved to the hill I bought some packets of seeds with the intention of creating some wild flower beds that would attract butterflies and bees. Attracting hordes of flying insects wasn't a universally popular idea in the Jarvis household it must be said, but hopefully they won't bother her too much or the hard work put in on the attracting bit may well be undone by a rolled up copy of the Indy.

Here's a thing, it does seem that if you buy packets of seeds that are designed for children, you seem to get just as many seeds in the packets but you only pay half as much.  I mixed up the three packets I had bought, watered the beds and have sown the seeds spacing them as best I can allowing for fat fingers and a grumbly back (due to two hours in the mosh pit last night) which won't let me bend very well.

The seeds should have gone in weeks ago, but the garden has been under a couple of feet of snow until this week, and it was only this afternoon that it felt warm enough to potter around outside.

A tiny bed at the front corner of the house.

The longer south facing bed in the back garden.

At the back of the garage.

The bed behind the garage does not seem to get much sun, and also suffers from small things continually digging holes in it. Mice, voles, shrews or moles, it could be any or all.  We definitely have moles in the back garden again, despite installing a mole scarer, you can see the surface tracks they made during snow cover in the middle picture.

I don't know what any of the seeds were as there were no hints on the packets.  I am hoping for a summer-long riot of colour, and all for six quid.  Mrs J has trimmed all the pot plants and tidied up the paths, it's looking quite presentable now, here's hoping for a better summer than we had last year.

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