Monday, April 15, 2013

Lost In Action

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Training on Saturday morning was fun, he says from between clenched teeth.  Meg thought I should do some cross-country training to get myself a bit more used to the conditions underfoot.  I set off on the roads, and then at High Royds I plunged into the woods and did the back half of the Over The Odda route in reverse.

This was going sort of fine, I was splashing through the mud and coping with gates and styles, until at the foot of the Odda I inexplicably lost the track.  I cannot explain, one moment I was jogging across fields from style to style, the next I was lost on a gorse strewn, mud-slick, 1 in 2 ascent.

Unable to discern the route from amidst the bushes I pushed on upwards.  One false step proved to be my undoing, I slipped sideways and into the waiting clutches of a triffid. As the lurking plant horror shredded my shins with its razor sharp spines I desperately tried to get of something to get me back upright only to find that everything at floor level was brambles, everything above that gorse.

With lacerated lower limbs and impaled palms I fell over the last style and re-discovered the path.  The wrong path as it turns out, minutes later I was stuck overlooking Hawksworth Quarry with no visible route down.  An amount of re-tracing my steps accompanied by almost constant swearing saw me back to another path which although it descended at a precipitous angle and was lavishly coated with half rotted leaves giving it all the traction of a child's slide covered in WD40, did project me back to the road in the middle of Hawksworth.  And apologies to the startled driver who had to brake so suddenly to avoid the blood-streaked, mud-coated shambling apparition which loomed out of the hedge into the road.

Saturday's training run. 

Anyway, I made it home, and the plus side is that I am confident I can now do the distance, running up steep and muddy hills though is still going to be a very slow affair.

If anyone would still like to sponsor me, I am running for the charity Sightsavers.

JustGiving - Sightsavers

Many, many thanks to everyone that has pledged money so far, I really appreciate all your generosity.
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