Friday, April 12, 2013

Keep On Running

The training is going steadily so far.  On Monday I managed to run the distance I'll need to complete the Over The Odda a week on Saturday, actually I ran a bit further, getting in 11.2k and finishing up a hill.  As I live almost on the top of a hill, wherever I set off to run to, I always have to climb on the way back.

So I can manage the distance, even though I do think I will be tiring heavily towards the end, it's just the hills and cross-country I have to worry about.

The training has not been perfect, I suffered a little damage to my right knee in the mosh pit at The Wildhearts last Friday night and it still looks a little big bigger than my left knee.  Still, if I only went running when I felt 100% then I'd never go running at all.

I am only planning on doing three more runs before the big day, 4-5 miles each time, with Thursday and Friday off before the race.  I'm presuming now that most of the runners will be super keen, ultra-fit types who normally run marathons, and that neither the 100 year old Sikh chap or the guy in the deep sea diving suit are competing, so I can expect to finish last, and probably by some time.

David Shepherd performs Nelson with the score at 111.

I have been given the race number 111 and am assured that this was just by pure chance and not that they rate my chances at the Odda as being roughly the same as a seventy year old cricket umpire standing on one leg.

I am still raising money for Sightsavers, if anyone can sponsor me please click on the link below.

Just-Giving - Over  The Odda for Sightsavers

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