Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weight Watchers - Silver 7

Traditional Fish 'n' Chips
Traditional Fish 'n' Chips (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
First week completed, and half a stone lost. It does work then.  The plan manager gadget says I used an average of 42.3 ProPoints per day, so despite having a pig out on fish and chips at Murgatroyds and a beer and more chips lunch with Dad, following the plan for the rest of the week worked really well.

I honestly found it quite hard to eat all the available points when I was cooking and eating a diet heavily biased towards vegetables and fruit with only small amounts of carbohydrates and low fat meat.  There is only so much in the way of boiled carrots and assorted veggy stir fries you can cram in.  I don't really make desserts at home unless we are entertaining, so there isn't much temptation there, and now I am out of the work kitchen I don't have the additional temptations of constantly available chips, crisps and buttery crumpets.  At the end of the week I had 20 points from my weekly allowance left* plus I had not exchanged any of the 20 exercise points I had built up.

For losing half a stone you get a little Silver 7 sticker in your record card, then they take away one of your points, so I have dropped to a daily allowance of 44. They took one of my points ! That's a glug of wine gone there.

*If you're unfamiliar with WeightWatchers ProPoints, you get a daily allowance of food points, plus a 'bonus' weekly allowance which allows you to be sensible for most the seven days, but still have a few pints and a curry on Saturday night.

I'm pleased with the plan so far, I have followed it fairly well and it seems to have worked, therefore I'll stick with it for the while.  Onwards and downwards!
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