Friday, March 22, 2013

Walking Yorkshire - Menston Village

The weather today is unpleasant verging on blizzard like in places, just the conditions for a short walk down Derry Hill to Menston Village then.

Ice, no kidding.

Derry hill is slippery for walkers, and as can be seen by the flowing tyre marks in the photo below, much more hazardous for cars. Bingley Road is much clearer though, for the moment.

Derry Hill

A strong wind blasting icy snow over the dry stone wall at face height, lovely.  Mind you, the beasts in the fields are having a herder time of it, and the local farmers are working hard to keep them fed.  This is the worst possible weather for hill farms, there are new lambs in the fields, more lambs being born, the ewes can't crop any grass. There are tractors passing up and down the hill carrying loads of beets and bales to be unloaded in boggy fields while being lashed by ice laden winds.  Be grateful if you have an indoors job today.

St. John the Divine CofE

Top wildlife photography

I was not carrying a long lens when I spotted the red kite.  If you peer closely at the point where the hedge line meets the trees there is a red kite, and below it a crow rising over the hedge.  This is still rather lovely though,  that is the corner of my house, and I can see kites from here, that makes me happy.

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  1. Ah. So that's the house you're in. Interesting location. Good views I should think.