Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Rock and Rock Lifestyle of the Freelance Copywriter

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Andreas, the nice Greek man based in London who sells Greek deli products to Russia, has e-mailed saying he needs a 500 word piece on alternative uses of olive oil.  Mohamed from Calgary needs a factual piece on the benefits of water to the human body.  Bravesh, who runs an Apple review site based in Delhi wants three short app reviews doing and I'm negotiating with Phil in London to see if I can help with both content and strategy for his business Facebook page.  This then is the exciting rock and roll lifestyle of the freelance writer, working across three continents, before breakfast, and I'm still in my dressing gown.

This is on a good day of course, when my proposals have been accepted and there is work to do.  On other days the life of the freelance copywriter is rather more lingering on Facebook, poke around on b3ta, have a search for as proper job, another chocolate biscuit - well why not, play Civilisation for a while, back to Facebook, watch an episode of an obscure Kurdish crime drama on Netflix and then consider going to the pub.

The actual researching and writing part is fun, I love reading and I love writing.  Most of the work I have picked up so far falls within the fields I have worked in, food, nutrition and hospitality.  I have put in bids for work in other areas that I can confidently research and deliver good content in, which includes most areas of the arts and humanities, health, social media, technology, customer service and other topics. In addition I am spending some time familiarising myself with Facebook and other social media optimisation, writing fluent and natural sounding text with embedded keywords and learning about related fields such as Google Adwords,  organic SEO and white hats versus black hats, which until now I believed was an obscure Bank Holiday cricket match held in Ilkley.

Today seems to be one of the less fiscally productive days, so I'm playing a bit of Civilisation, I have stirred myself and been for a run / plod / wheeze around Menston, and I'm reading some articles on SEO and a collection of poetry and prose by the Brontes.  Then obviously, later on, I may go down the pub.

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