Thursday, March 28, 2013

Run Fatboy Run

I have entered a race.  A real running race that will have numbers and marshals and everything.  How exciting.  And how absolutely terrifying.

I did think a couple of years ago when I was running a lot that I might like to do a race again. When I say again, my last race of any sort was way back in the dawn of time, 1985 or so, when I did the Chevin race, and when I was young and fat and not old and fat.

However, the entrance fee has been paid so I will be a-racing come April 20th.

On the entry site the race is described as, and I quote, a 'road race.' Well that's fine, I can plod or walk my way around 10 kilometres of roads.  Howver, the quoted style of race is, and I cannot dress this up as anything else, it is a bald faced lie.  Click on the info tag and you get the official entry flyer which includes prominently the words challenging and undulating.

Looking on the official route description I can find further things to worry me, the route is described in terms determined to put the fear into portly novices, "Follow the steep path"..."Climb the steep field"..."Continue down the steep hillside (with care!)."  There are two pages like this, and hardly a word of it does anything to settle the nerves.

Some keen soul has run the route to provide a map for the race, this looks fast to me, I can just about run a ten minute mile going downhill with a following wind.  On uphill bits I just grind to a wobbly halt and sweat profusely.  This is just over the hill from my house.  Everywhere from my house if just over, under, down or around a hill.  It's also feet deep in snow at the moment.

I am taking this at least semi-seriously of course, here is my training run from this morning, during which I accomplished my normal running goal of not expiring.

If the worst comes to the worst, I can at least walk for ten kilometres, apologies in advance to any marshals who may have their afternoons ruined by waiting for me to stumble home over the finishing line.

I wasn't initially going to do this for charity, but I have had to cut some of my charitable giving recently due to my unexpected change in personal circumstances, therefore if you feel you can donate anything, even a single pound, then the folk at Sightsavers do some really tremendous work in preventing and eradicating blindness across Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

My Sightsavers Just Giving Page

If you want to donate, you can do so on the above link.  If you want to come along and support, or just point and laugh, then the race starts at 10am Saturday 20th April in Hawksworth.  I'll be the bloke at the rear in the Metallica t-shirt.
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