Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lauren Aquilina - Sass Queen Pop Star

Depending on how much time you spend listening to daytime Radio 1 you may or may not have heard of Lauren Aquilina.

Lauren is a 17 year old singer-songwriter of mixed British and Maltese heritage.  She first came to my attention on Wikipedia, an attempt had been made to create a full wiki page for her and as a junior editor I had initially supported the decision to create a page.  The page was eventually removed under a rule that determined she wasn't important enough for Wikipedia, but since then I have followed her emerging pop career and well orchestrated social media campaign with equal interest.

Lauren updates her Facebook and Twitter pretty much daily, and it is done pretty much as any other 17 year  girl's updates.  Everything is all like Wow and exciting and incredible and new and brilliant and what a wonderful adventure I am on and I am so glad that you are all here with me on the journey.  To someone outside the target audience, a middle aged bloke for example, this might all seem trivial and even annoying, but to the target customer base this is a well marketed social media campaign that hits the bull's eye every time.  Let's just analyse what Lauren does so well.

  • Frequency of updates
Not so much as to be painful, but regular enough to keep her audience engaged.  Updates are posted almost every day on Facebook and in spurts of activity on Twitter.  Lauren is to her fans, the unfortunately self-named Aquisluts, new and exciting, she has not yet reached a point where daily updates will be seen as a newsfeed annoyance.

  • Relevance
Lauren is a teenage girl primarily communicating with a fanbase of other teenage girls.  She mentions every career milestone from photo shoots to gigs to radio airplay, and when she hasn't got an urgent career update to broadcast she updates things that other teenage girls do, new dresses, jewellery, places she has been and people she has met, it all goes on Facebook. Lauren also mentions that just like her fans, she's an ordinary schoolgirl who spends as much time in education as she does performing,

  • Tone
Lauren's social media campaign is incredibly positive, she may well have days when things are not going so well and she'd rather just stay in bed and hide from the world, but you're not going to find out about it.  Everything in Lauren's world is new and exciting and fabulous and crazy cool.  She's permanently happy and ready to spread the love, she's as generous in praising her fans as she is excited about her singing.

  • Engagement
Lauren has built a following of around 20,000 Facebook 'likes' and a similar amount of YouTube subscriptions, where she has racked up an impressive 2.1 million views.  Despite this, if you ask a question or post a comment on Facebook or Twitter, you'll most likely still get a direct response from the singer herself - you don't get this level of interactivity with Britney Spears.  This week I noticed a new album had been added to Lauren's Spotify page, but Lauren has confirmed that the singles Euphoria and Glorious, and the album Best Of Song Contest are not her work and she is trying to get them moved from her page.

  • Sass Queen
Apparently Scott Mills called her this on Radio 1, she sounded happy with it so it must be a compliment.

This is a well pitched, friendly feeling social media campaign.  Whether Lauren Aquilina has great social media management, or whether she just has a great gift for communication, her ongoing career is going to ably supported by a likeable and agreeable social media strategy.

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  1. Lauren is a genuinely lovely person and does not just put on all this stuff over Social Networks, she has a space in her heart for all of her fans and pays attention to them and unlike most popstars actually talks to them and takes the time out of her busy schedule to do this! We all love her and support her no matter what! :)