Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fat Class - Week One

1905 Quaker Oats magazine advertisement
1905 Quaker Oats magazine advertisement (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Tomorrow night will be my second Weight Watchers meeting, time for a quick review of this week's meals and exercise then.

Tuesday Food - Beer and chips put me 14 ProPoints over my daily allowance.
Tuesday Exercise - a 20 minute run gave me 2 points back

Wednesday Food - a good day, beans on toast for lunch and a vegetable heavy dinner leaves me with 5 points over.
Wednesday Exercise - Half an hour's fast walking for 3 ProPoints

Thursday Food - Porridge with skimmed milk everyday for breakfast = 5 Points, home-made vegetable soup with home-made bread and a bit of Flora Pro-Active for lunch = 6 Points, dinner =

Pan seared lamb rump in olive oil
Sauteed peppers
Braised celery
1/2 Pack Crosse & Blackwell Chicken Rice = 16 Points

Thursday Exercise - A longish ramble around Golden Acre Park = 6 Points earned

Friday Food - Porridge, soup with broad beans and bread (6 Points), dinner =

Baked potato and filo samosa with Greek yoghurt = 7 Points
Honey stir fried turkey with carrot, peppers and onions and boiled white rice = 11 Points
= 18 Points total

Friday Exercise - 20 mins brisk walk up and down Derry Hill = 2 Points earned

Saturday Food - Breakfast and lunch same, dinner...

Turkey and mushroom filo pastry pie (inc olive oil, flour and real cream for the sauce) = 10 Points
Carrot and swede mash, mange tout, baby corn = all free

Saturday Exercise - 4.5 miles in the snow to Morrisons and back with a much heavier backpack = 7 Points

Sunday Food - Breakfast and lunch will be similar, I'm planning a bit of a blow out with lamb shanks in rosemary gravy for dinner.

Sunday Exercise - good grief but it's bitter again outside.  I may yet be tempted into a bit of a walk, but the weather ins't conducive to getting out in it.

As the first week draws to a close, I have been under my allowance most days - and I have had wine with every evening meal, I have 32 weekly Points still to spend, plus 20 Activity Points that I have not exchanged for food.  The weight should be falling away.
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