Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Yorkshire Soul - Professional Copywriter

Olive Oil
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Well hurrah for me, I have managed to get my first copywriting contract.  It is a tiny job, 5 blog posts on various aspects of the the Greek food industry for a company promoting their products in Russia, and it won't pay much more than a morning's wages for the whole job, but it is a start.  I can now put professional copywriter on my CV.

I haven't had even a whiff of an interview so far in my search for a proper job, so I spent a morning registering myself with some freelance writing sites and began to hammer out some articles as proposals for submission.  Even if most of my proposals don't win the bid and the job is snapped up by another writer, I think this is proving to be good experience in writing short articles to somebody else's specification.

The first contract I won is to write 5 blog posts for a Greek company promoting their products to the expanding Russian market, luckily they wanted a native English speaker as I cannot write anything in either Greek or Russian.  I submitted a short article about Kalamata olives and told my prospective employer that I had 30 years of wide ranging experience in the food industry.  Two days later, my bid was accepted.

Is your Italian olive oil really Italian ?

So here it is, my baby, my first paid piece of writing since I penned a few heavy metal gig and album reviews over 25 years ago.  Apologies for the typos, they seem to have crept in after the article left my hands.

When I wrote for Metal Forces Magazine I always hated it when editors made changes to my writing, sometimes changing a single word provides an entirely different point to the one I was trying to make.  I am far more sanguine about this now, I think the article I submitted was tidier and slightly snappier than the slightly altered one that has gone live on the website, but that's how the editor wants it so I'm not going to fret over it.

So far then I'm working for the Greeks in Russia, ah, the powers of the internet.  I have also entered bids to write about aspects of the tourist industry in Bali, writing teaser posts for a new MMORPG, penning short articles on new social networking technology and to three different websites in New Zealand, California and London wanting writers with experience in food and nutrition.

I don't thin that I can replace my wage with this minor freelance stuff, but any money at all coming is is handy.  Then there is the added bonus of honing my skills, researching and writing the first article took me jjust under two hours, including a minor re-write at the client's request, by last night I was completing similar pieces in 45 minutes.  It's all good experience, another string to my bow, another skill on my CV.
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