Friday, February 01, 2013


Thursday is a short animation by Matthias Hoegg, presentation #3 for the #edcMOOC.  Although Hoegg's film looks like a dystopia at the beginning, with people living in a highly regulated city doing cubicle jobs and with little outward sign of art or decoration, the film actually seems to revolve around hope, love and family.  The little human interactions are nice, especially in the scene when the station worker warms the IT man's hand so he can pass through the biometric security gate.

Technology and emotion are closely entwined in this short film.  As with the previous two, Hoegg demonstrates our increasing reliance on information technology, but he also shows us the power of companionship, emotional bonds and dreams.  The office workers make their weekly escape from what seems to a fairly dull and predictable life, although the girl especially seems happy and upbeat, by making a trip up to an orbiting station, there to gaze back down on their city as the gods would.  They are taken out of their normal life by another technology, given a different perspective, allowed in one sense to see a bigger picture, at least until their paid time slot on the station is up and they are whisked back to the city.

I think Hoegg achieves a nice balance here between showing what a dystopian near future might look like, and how individual humans react to it, and largely they just get on with their lives.  The beginning, or perhaps continuing relationship between the protagonists is given a future reflection by the blackbird caring for her brood, we see what might be happening further along the couple's lifeline.  I find the city itself to be depressingly ordered and bleak, there is no green, no parks or play areas, nothing much for relaxation and fun, but in between the dominating architecture life, and love, goes on.

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