Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm Only Gambling On The Internet So I Can Afford Crack

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Most of the blokes at work have on-line betting accounts, and around Christmas, and before I knew I'd be out of work, I put a couple of hundred quid into two services, Skybet and Bet365 to see if I could make my fortune by correctly guessing the outcome of a variety of football, cricket and rugby matches.

Could I then ? Would it be possible to put a gambling strategy in place that would enable me to provide a regular profit ? In short, the answer is no.

I say no, but I have placed bets almost every day, on quiet weekends I have placed numerous bets each day and after a period of five weeks my net profit and loss stands at £3 down, or the price of a pint.  For the fun and interest I have had for a month's betting, £3 seems a pretty fair price to pay.  I realise of course that it could have been much worse, but my absolute limit is to be that if I burn my way through the £200 on a poorly chosen selection of useless footballers and three-legged nags, then I am not depositing any more money with the bookies until next year.

Big money gambling isn't really my thing, if I lose £50 in an evening's play at the casino I'll come home grumpy, trying to work out how long it took me to earn fifty quid just to throw it away.  Conversely, the same amount of money spent on a good steak and a nice bottle of wine seems like a fine way to exchange my hard earned wages for pleasure, horses for courses as they say.

My betting strategy, such as it is, isn't ever likely to earn me any serious money because I never bet enough, or at any serious odds, to make much money back.  The reverse also applies though, I don't lose enough money in a single bet that would upset me or make consider changing the bad bet with another in a desperate attempt to win the money back.

Of the two sites I have tried, Skybet looks cleaner and less cluttered, but it actually gives far fewer options on the front page than Bet365 does.  Bet 365 has much better options for 'in play' betting, which is where I have spent most of my time, betting £5 here and there on safe 'win and/or draw' combinations and earning tiny amounts in return.

Both sites had offers for new gamblers, Skybet give a free £5 for the rest of the football season so long as you are in credit and betting at least £5 each week, Bet365 doubled my initial £200, the extra money cannot be withdrawn of course and has to be gambled with.

I have had dozens of little wins, but all my serious losses have come from gambling larger amounts on what I foolishly considered to be 'banker' bets, £15 on Inter to win at bottom of the table Sienna seemed to me like a safe bet, Inter were scoring goals for fun, Siennawere glued to the bottom of the table. Five furious minutes saw three goals in, two in the wrong direction and Inter were down to ten men as the ref waved a red card.  This weekend £15 on Man City to either win or draw at Southampton seemed like a regular little earner, then their defence dissolved, three goals went past them and I waved goodbye to my money.

My tips for this week then are Liverpool to beat West Brom, and Juventus for a win or draw at Celtic.  In a very busy weekend of betting, I placed £250 at an average £5 each bet, for a total gain of £4.63, it's harmless and fun, and if I lose my money then I'm walking away in a huff.
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  1. I know the general opinion about gambling is that it's a slippery slope to hell which will only end up with you ruining your life and becoming a politician or something worse but a little gamble now and again is a good fun afternoon and can be a lot cheaper than many other forms of amusement. Myself, I don't mind a flutter on the gee gees, the National, the 2.30 at Haydock on a wet Wednesday, what meat dish they'll turn up in next, it's whenever I fancy. Amd it'll cost less than an afetrnoon in the pub, or two tickets to the cinema. And once in a while I even make a profit!

  2. Useless, useless Liverpool....

  3. Paddy8:18 am

    A couple of months back I went to the casino and spent a couple of hours on roulette tables. lost £40 without winning once but enjoyed myself because that money was already gone in my head so losing it didn't matter.
    while I was there there was a man flitting between 2 tables putting down between 120 and 250 on each spin. didn't smile, talk or laugh once and he didn't seem to be enjoying himself.

  4. Nice to hear somebody talk about gambling in an objective way and not as if it's the epitome of evil. Technically, I'd probably be considered addicted to gambling however due to being studious and cautious it’s been a consistently profitable endeavour – what an addiction! It’s a slog though, long term winning takes A LOT of work and takes the fun out, I must admit. Excellent read though, enjoyed that.

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