Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Resolutions ? Not Really

HC Davos
HC Davos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Get a gambling addiction, take crack cocaine just the once, invade Sweden, get Keira Knightley to lift that restraining order.

I have made headway on the first resolution, having opened accounts with both Skybet and Bet365.  My Sky account I opened with £25, and I have to admit, I like sport, but I don't really think I have much of the in depth knowledge one might require to make a decent fist of this gambling lark.

Also, I'm a tight Tyke, so I really don't like to throw my hard earned money away, unless it is good wine.
Old crest used from the 1980s until 2008
Old crest used from the 1980s until 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That said, I put a few bets on, and with a bit of beginner's luck and advice given by my hardcore gambling advisers Andy and Simon, managed to do quite well.

Becchio to score first, Leeds vs. Hull 2-2 draw - lose
Pakistan to beat India - win
Liverpool to beat QPR - win
Chelsea to beat Everton - win
Leixões to beat Oliveirense - win
Minnesota to beat Green Bay - win
Team Canada to beat HC Davos - win

I don't know who either Leixões or Oliveirense are, I wasn't even sure which country they played in, Portugal as it turns out.  The online betting sites offer such a formidable, baffling even, array of sports and ways of betting that you can easily be tempted, for example, to have a punt on a side you have never heard of halfway through the match.

My tactics then, such as they are, are a mix of placing relatively safe bets on teams I know a little about, plus a few 'In Play' bets, all at low returning odds.  The best win was advised by Andy, after Everton scored first Andy advised doubling my bet on Chelsea, I did so, Chelsea won and over three days I converted by initial £25 in to £58.  Not bad for a noob.

On the Bet365 account things were a little less good.

Raymond Barneveld to beat Phil Taylor - lost
Ascoli v Varese no further goals - lost
Hapoel Tzafririm Holon v Beitar Ironi Maale Adumim no scoring draw - lost
Ospreys to beat Gwent Dragons - win
Kahn Fotuali'i to score first points - lost

So on that account I am £12 down.

Today's big money* is riding on Leeds to beat Bolton and Man City to beat Stoke.

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