Saturday, January 26, 2013

Problems ? Get Yourself A Meg

Move house
Move house (Photo credit: Ania_*)
Some people, on hearing that they have lost their job and are about to be thrown out of their home, some people might panic a bit.  They might be upset, they might be sent into a flurry of indecision, or they might mope around a bit and not really know what to do with themselves.  I though, have a Meg, and when you have a Meg then indecision and poor planning doesn't really enter the equation.

Two weeks ago our life schedule suffered a little hiccough.

Monday - everything is normal.
Tuesday - everything is normal.
Wednesday - in two months you won't have a job or a home.
Thursday morning - Meg announces her first rota of jobs.  Trawl the estate agent sites for houses, start collapsing the spare beds and sorting through clothing for stuff we might not want to take, begin taking pictures from the hallway walls - spot fill and re-paint any holes left by picture pins, buy some plastic packing boxes, are you really going to keep all those ancient paperback sci-fi novels ?  Sort your books into books 1) the books you'll need to unpack right away for your degree work, and books 2) books you might like soon after that, and books 3) if this turns out to be a temporary move these are books / dvds / cds / other stuff we can leave packed up for a few months, all those piles of cd's - MusicMagpie them, sort this, pack that, throw away those, no really, throw therm away.

It is now only two and a half weeks since we found out we had to move, it seems to me like three-quarters of the house is packed and ready to be moved and every spare minute Meg is wrapping, documenting or packing something else or buying paint and brushes to decorate the new house.

If you need your life sorting out, get yourself a Meg.  But you can't have my mine, she's quite wonderful and I'm keeping her.
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  1. I think I have an earlier prototype, a Marj. Considering the age of the parts she still works pretty well. I got her second-hand a few years back. She was constructed in a Southern factory so I have had to try to make adaptations to get her to work correctly for a Yorkshire owner. It's worked pretty well, she can produce my dinner mainly on time but has an inbuilt fault which means she sometimes goes into sleep mode after working all day before producing the meal. The memory is a bit patchy, forgetting when I actually do anything usefull but remembering all my midstakes. All told though it's pretty good. The Meg sounds an amazing model though!