Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Most Scrobbled Artists of All Time

All time being the 10 year life of Audioscrobbler/ This list is the compilation of artists that are the most listened to, not ranked by unit sales by by how many times people have listened to their music through Scrobbler enabled devices.

1) Coldplay
2) Radiohead
3) Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Green Day
Green Day
4) The Killers
5) Rihanna
6) Eminem
7) Nirvana
8) Kanye West
9) Muse
10) Foo Fighters
11) Linkin Park
Lady GaGa
Lady Gaga
12) Queen
13) Green Day
14) Lady Gaga
15) The Rolling Stones
16) System Of A Down
17) Oasis
18) The Beatles
19) U2
20) Black Eyed Peas

A fairly safe and predictable list on the most part.  I'm slightly surprised that SOAD feature so highly, and I have to admit I cannot name a single song by Kanye West, I have seen him being interviewed a coupe of times and he does rather come across as a pompous egotistical pillock, this does not endear me towards searching out his music.

Audioscrobbler - 10 Years of Scrobbling

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