Thursday, January 03, 2013

Dressing For The Ball - Pierre Bonnard

"Pierre Bonnard never really found a voice that he was comfortable with, though he is remembered fondly as one of the greatest artists of his generation. Of all his subjects his wife seemed to be his favourite. He painted her in fine brushstrokes and with close attention, often nude, reclining in the bath. Some people argue that these paintings are intrusive and voyeuristic, but that’s not the heart of Bonnard’s work. His skill was in making the private public, and this picture sums it all up: she was his world." - Art Finder.

Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947), French painter and printmaker. Bonnard, along with Edouard Vuillard, Maurice Denis and others, was part of the avant garde Les Nabis group.  The Nabis were considered to be cutting edge in their early years, although Dressing For The Ball seems to be from a more traditional school of painting, Bonnard is also well known for brighter, colour infused works inspired by Gaugin.

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