Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dogs Evolved On The Rubbish Tip

Boeotian dogI am posting this link to a BBC news item because it fits with the spam Facebook meme about rock salt killing pets.

Dog evolved 'on the waste dump'

So we're all clear on this now, dogs can taste and break down starches, but cats cannot.*  Also, cats are mostly evil**

Pic -  Boeotian terracotta figurine of a dog holding a small animal in its mouth. Greek, Archaic, ca. 550-525 BCE

*Well researched academically proven facts

**Author's first hand experience
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  1. Paddy7:47 am

    Cat's aren't evil...well except Evil the cat who was.


  2. R.I.P8:06 pm

    Cats have no patience or are just lazy. Can't be arsed going to the rubbish tip - Oh no, they shred dustbin liners direct on to the streets on collection day, spewing the contents all over the pavement, and then where there are no bags, just wheelie bins, the b'stards hypnotize unsuspecting gentlefolk into lifting the lids and placing them inside so they can get at the contents. [] + []

    If they are not evil, Sir, then they are dammed good actors!