Wednesday, January 02, 2013

BBC Sound of 2013

The BBC has put together a list of the 15 new(ish) acts that their panel thinks will be the breaking sounds of the year.

In no particular order they are...

Angel Haze
Angel Haze
Laura Mvula
King Krule
Little Green Cars
Palma Violets
The Weeknd
Tom Odell

BBC Sounds of 2013

I'll give most anything, musically speaking, once, so let's see what Spotify can find for me...

Angel Haze, three tracks in and this just seems like more hate filled generic rap.  Spin the words bitches, shit, muthafucker and nigger together along with some fairly thin beats and uninspired lyrics about how brilliant and inspired Angel Haze is and you have Werkin' Girls.  There's a song I won't miss if I never hear it again.  At first I thought Angel Haze sounded just a little like Dessa, vocally perhaps, but without a shred of Dessa's wry wit and dry charm.  Is this really the best hip-hop that the BBC can find ? Black people saying nigger in 2013 isn't edgy or brave, it's tedious, dull and stupid.

What if all the 15 are as bad as Angel Haze ? I think I might need some proper music before venturing further into the list, quick, where's my Wildhearts CD?

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