Sunday, October 07, 2012

Warrington 18 - Leeds 26

What an astonishing game of rugby. I don't think I have ever seen a match played at such high intensity, with such determined attacking and defending from both teams.  The speed of each movement of the game was breathtaking, every man on the pitch was filled with purposeful aggression and an absolute will not to waste a single of time when they could be forcing the play onwards.

Leeds Rhinos talismanic captain Kevin Sinfield was actually knocked out cold at one point in the game, but just got up and got on with the job in hand when he came around.  Can you imagine that in football ? In fact, can you imagine any single footballer ever taking a single tackle in rugby league style and not rolling around crying for his mum ?

Last night's Grand Final was a wonderful advert for sport played to its very best level.  Two teams of superbly fit and disciplined athletes possessed of a steely will to win.  Men who define themselves by their actions and whose actions are totally directed toward playing the best rugby they can.

I must admit, I have gone a bit luke warm on football recently.  I am sick of over paid prima donnas falling over, pretending to be injured and arguing and using foul language with the ref without ever being punished. Off the pitch of course of course they are even worse, the constant media parade of stupid self-centred men getting involved in drink driving, pub brawls, racist diatribes and pointless media outbursts against the very people who employ them and pay them their millions has become tiresome, boring and wearing.  I still quite like to see LUFC win, but my passion for football has cooled somewhat, especially after the London Olympics and Paralympics and the uplifting efforts from really heroic and gallant athletes there.

Sportsmen are often referred to as role models, last night you could have taken your pick of 26 gritty, dauntless role models.  An astonising game, an exemplarary advert for the sport of Rugby League and for how any sport should be played.
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