Thursday, October 04, 2012

Rain Affected

Rain affected has been the mantra of our working year here at the golf club, rain, rain and yet more bloody rain has led to numerous disruptions, postponements and cancellations.  In the 12 years I have been year I have not experienced a year anything like this in terms of weather.  Of course we have heavy rain and some flooding every year, but this year the deluge seems to have been endless.

Ilkley Golf Course, Tues 25th Oct 2012
Yesterday, of course, it rained heavily.  I have just opened the clubhouse and we have water on the course this morning, small pools on the fairways and a stream running down the side of the 18th.  If we can see water up here, then it's certain that lower lying parts of the course will be more heavily flooded.

Meg took this photo last week when two and half days of serious rain produced the largest flood we have seen on the course for 10 years.  The flood waters last week did recede by the following day, but it took until Saturday last week until the ground staff could get the course open again.

Will we be open for business today ? I'm just waiting for Duncan and his team to do a course inspection, then I'll know whether I'm spending the day doing paid work or degree work.

Update : degree work day.


  1. I went out mountain biking last night. Was a bit wet. Childish delight in riding along paths that were more streams. Great fun.
    We had to borrow the mop in bar tat though...

  2. R.I.P.3:22 pm

    Great Photoshop technique but you didn't quite airbrush the correct date in ;p ‽