Saturday, September 22, 2012

Robyn Lawley - Ordinary Woman

This is Robyn Lawley, to my eyes she is a fairly normal normal looking woman, albeit stunningly beautiful and rather taller than the norm.  In terms of dimensions though she looks like a woman should, she has breasts and hips, in the weird world of the fashion industry Robyn is known as a plus-size model.  Almost every article I can find relating to Lawley points out her 'plus-size' status or makes use of either curvy or curvaceous in describing her.

Stunning yes, gorgeous without a doubt, plus-size ? I don't really comprehend.

This on the other hand is a photograph of Ana Carolina Reston taken in 1996 toward the end of the 21 year old's short modelling career.  This to me does show a beautiful young woman, facially at least, but a woman who is obviously unhealthily underweight.  It seems incredible to me that people in the fashion industry could have, and sometimes still do, used girls whose body shape was like Reston's in order to promote an ideal of beauty and desire.

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