Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Rich Stay Rich, The Poor Are Gunned Down Like Vermin

CAPE TOWN/SOUTH AFRICA, 12JUN2009 - Jacob Zuma...
Jacob Zuma, Presdent of South Africa
Two weeks ago 34 men were killed by police in South Africa.  The men, miners who worked at British owned Marakina mine, were involved in a strike, and, some South African politicians claim, a power struggle between different union factions. The video clips shown on news stations around the world and still freely available on the internet show a loosely organised group of men, many carrying sticks, moving towards a line of armed police.  With no verbal warning, no over-the-head warning shots, and using live ammunition and not rubber bullets, the police open fire.  A fusillade of gunfire follows and less than a minute later dozens of men lay dead and dying.

To Jacob Zuma's ANC government it is obvious where the fault lies here - with the miners.  Indeed the National Prosecuting Authority, a body already tainted by political interference over its decision to drop corruption and racketeering charges against Zuma, has decided to charge the surviving miners with the deaths of their comrades.

Look at that again, the survivors of a massacre will be charged with the deaths of their comrades.  It makes you ashamed to be human.

Full story by Ralph Mathekga at the BBC.

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