Saturday, September 22, 2012

Busy, Busy

That has been a tremendously busy couple of weeks, and at this time of year we are in the middle of staff changeover as well. Maddy, Laura, Fred and Ellie have or are departing for university, best wishes to you all, Rachael has departed for a gap year, and through the in door have come Robyn, Katie, Milly, Amy and Beth.

I must say that the kitchen team of the last couple of years have been a particularly nice (and funny) crew to work with and I am genuinely a little sad that the team has been broken up.

This photo was towards the end of a busy night a couple of weeks ago, Maddy and Robyn are wearing pancakes on their heads, this amused them so much that they giggled for half an hour non-stop, then they put a pancake on Milly's head and giggled for another half hour.  This eventually became so infectious that I got the giggles and had to leave the room.  Thanks to you all for all your hard work and for being constantly happy, daft, uplifting and smile inducing to work with.

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