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White Wells on Wiki

White Wells on Wikipedia

It is a bit of a stub article so far, I will expand it later.  One or two regular readers might recognise themselves in the photo for the article ;-)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wikipedia Editing

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I made my first Wikipedia page, woo and yay!

Tom Vardon

It isn't huge, but at least it hasn't been deleted by one of the hordes of super keen editor/contributors who patrol Wikipedia (constantly and ceaselessly it would appear) pouncing rapidly (and sometimes quite rudely) on poor noob editors struggling to pen their first few articles.

I did manage to cock up the first version of the page and had to beg to help to delete it, I forgot to capitalise Vardon's surname, but a kindly mod called SmallJim came to my rescue.
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Religious Study Should Not Be Simplified

Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University Press (Photo credit: Lezan)
"We are dealing with a topic, complex and many-sided. It comprises the deliverances of the understanding as it harmonises our deepest intuitions. It comprises emotional responses to formulations of thought and to modes of behaviour. It cuts into every aspect of human existence. So far as concerns problems, simple solutions are bogus solutions... We must not postulate simplicity."

Whitehead, A. N., (1933) Adventures of Ideas, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

quoted in...

Sharpe, E. J., (1983) Understanding Religion, London, Duckworth.
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Robyn Lawley - Ordinary Woman

This is Robyn Lawley, to my eyes she is a fairly normal normal looking woman, albeit stunningly beautiful and rather taller than the norm.  In terms of dimensions though she looks like a woman should, she has breasts and hips, in the weird world of the fashion industry Robyn is known as a plus-size model.  Almost every article I can find relating to Lawley points out her 'plus-size' status or makes use of either curvy or curvaceous in describing her.

Stunning yes, gorgeous without a doubt, plus-size ? I don't really comprehend.

This on the other hand is a photograph of Ana Carolina Reston taken in 1996 toward the end of the 21 year old's short modelling career.  This to me does show a beautiful young woman, facially at least, but a woman who is obviously unhealthily underweight.  It seems incredible to me that people in the fashion industry could have, and sometimes still do, used girls whose body shape was like Reston's in order to promote an ideal of beauty and desire.

Busy, Busy

That has been a tremendously busy couple of weeks, and at this time of year we are in the middle of staff changeover as well. Maddy, Laura, Fred and Ellie have or are departing for university, best wishes to you all, Rachael has departed for a gap year, and through the in door have come Robyn, Katie, Milly, Amy and Beth.

I must say that the kitchen team of the last couple of years have been a particularly nice (and funny) crew to work with and I am genuinely a little sad that the team has been broken up.

This photo was towards the end of a busy night a couple of weeks ago, Maddy and Robyn are wearing pancakes on their heads, this amused them so much that they giggled for half an hour non-stop, then they put a pancake on Milly's head and giggled for another half hour.  This eventually became so infectious that I got the giggles and had to leave the room.  Thanks to you all for all your hard work and for being constantly happy, daft, uplifting and smile inducing to work with.

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Mitt Romney Quits!

The Rich Stay Rich, The Poor Are Gunned Down Like Vermin

CAPE TOWN/SOUTH AFRICA, 12JUN2009 - Jacob Zuma...
Jacob Zuma, Presdent of South Africa
Two weeks ago 34 men were killed by police in South Africa.  The men, miners who worked at British owned Marakina mine, were involved in a strike, and, some South African politicians claim, a power struggle between different union factions. The video clips shown on news stations around the world and still freely available on the internet show a loosely organised group of men, many carrying sticks, moving towards a line of armed police.  With no verbal warning, no over-the-head warning shots, and using live ammunition and not rubber bullets, the police open fire.  A fusillade of gunfire follows and less than a minute later dozens of men lay dead and dying.

To Jacob Zuma's ANC government it is obvious where the fault lies here - with the miners.  Indeed the National Prosecuting Authority, a body already tainted by political interference over its decision to drop corruption and racketeering charges against Zuma, has decided to charge the surviving miners with the deaths of their comrades.

Look at that again, the survivors of a massacre will be charged with the deaths of their comrades.  It makes you ashamed to be human.

Full story by Ralph Mathekga at the BBC.

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