Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Only In Ilkley

I employed a new waitress last week, she's just 17.  On her first shift she arrived in her own Mini Coupe with personalised number plates.



  1. Paddy7:28 am

    so how long before it's written off, upside down in a ditch and she get a new one?

    p.s. it's not a real mini!

  2. R.I.P.10:42 pm

    But at least she's got herself a job! How many in the same situation would be happy to continue to accept their parents contributions to their teenage life?

    OK, maybe taking a job that somebody, without their parents affluent subsidy, actually needs to see their way through catering college? But, you can't blame that on the applicant, perhaps on the employer? I think not.

    Best candidate for the job has to succeed unless you sre an employer who is able to make a social stand (assuming there are actual candidates applying from more deserving backgrounds).

    Or was she just aesthetically appealing? (see previous photos of YS staff!)