Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kitchen Tales

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English: GCE Advanced Level logo by University of Cambridge International Examinations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Yesterday I got Rob to make some nice lemon infused olive oil to serve with grilled fish, and in the middle of a rather fraught a la carte service last night I managed to drop it on the floor, right in the walkway between the hobs and prep tables.  Cue much swearing and a frantic ten minutes mopping up and then drying the floor by crawling around on my hands and knees with handfuls of paper towels.  Oh the glamour of being a chef.

A level results are out, and this year we might be having a complete staff changeover.  Many congratulations to Ellie, Maddy, Laura and Rae on your results, I gather that everyone has got into their first choice university.  The intake at the moment includes Robyn and Katie and hopefully Amelia.  I might be doing further interviews for the last position.

I wonder if we are the best educated kitchen around ? Chef Rob has a degree, I'm studying for one and all the waiting staff have either completed their A levels or are studying for them.
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