Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chrome Weblab

Chrome Weblab

This is a set of new gadgets / thingies / widgets from Chrome. I'm just having a look around on the Teleporter which is supposed to be showing the action from the 24hr Amelia's Bakery in North Carolina, it looks quiet, perhaps everyone is having a fag break.  It isn't really a teleporter of course, it is just a series of webcams, and to be honest, the camera quality isn't all that great.

I'll try the virtual orchestra then, oh, there are 12 people in the queue in front of me and a possible 34 minute wait to join in, perhaps I won't bother then.  The Sketchbots ? I don't have a webcam so cannot get this to work. Data Tracer ? Pictures from the blog are hosted in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Ireland, sort of interesting, but I don't know what use this information is. Finally, the Lab Tag Explorer, where it appears that everyone else on the site can't get anything to work either, oh well.

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