Saturday, June 23, 2012

Former England Star Makes A Fool Of Himself

Flintoff questions Atherton's ability to commentate in expletive filled attack

Flintoff is wrong, just as Pieterson was wrong to have a go at Nick Knight.  The argument that only someone with equal or better skills to the person being criticised is illogical and fatuous.  I do not have children of my own, yet I can tell the difference between well behaved and badly behaved children.  I have never played football to a decent level, yet I can still see the difference between a really good team, Real Madrid for example, and a fairly average side, such as Bradford City. I do not need to have played Premiership football to be able to criticise Leeds United's defensive shortcomings last season, I just need a basic understanding of the game and some experience of watching it. Flintoff's argument is one that would preclude the overwhelming majority of us from being to talk about anything at all.

'Freddy' was a good cricketer, and had moments of glorious greatness on the field of play.  Off the field though his alcohol inspired buffoonery is as much a part of his reputation as his sporting prowess is. When it comes to criticising fellow players, whether ex or not, perhaps Flintoff should have kept a lower profile, in abusing the 37.69 test average Atherton for criticising the then form of the 48.54 average Cook, perhaps Freddy should kept in mind the fact that his own test average was only 31.77. Whatever Flintoff felt about Atherton's on-air comments, he should have presented his case in a much more measured and calm fashion, calling a former England captain a "fucking prick" at a public function is very poor form and does Flintoff's personal reputation no good at all.

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