Saturday, June 23, 2012

English Summer Rain

Well this is thoroughly depressing. We are supposed to be hosting Men's Invitation Day today here at Ilkley Golf Club, but due to two days of very heavy rain the course is heavily flooded and it is still raining.  The time sheet was full today with around 140 golfers signed up to play, plus we have two events scheduled for tomorrow (Sunday) and on Monday we are supposed to be hosting an England Golf Captains event for 100. It isn't looking good at the moment.

Yesterday's service was rather chaotic due to the torrential rain interrupting the two visiting parties we had booked in.  Congratulations are due to the gentlemen of Headingley Golf Club and the Spreadeagle Golf Society who braved the conditions to play 18 holes in a constant, wind lashed downpour.

Thanks also to my staff for the day, Rob, Ellie, Callum, Fred and Laura who were all great and responded to our calls for rapidly changing shifts as events changed through the course of the day.

Due to insomnia I've been up since 4.30am, and the river hasn't dropped at all in that time.  Looking out from the clubhouse I can see that large areas of the 1st, 2nd and 18th holes are flooded, and of course this means that the lower lying areas of the course will be a lake this morning.

It looks like a homework day then, I may as well take advantage of the sudden lull to catch up on my A151 work.  Target for the day then; finish the chapter on the history of books, make a start on the history of museums and collections chapter, and then read the rest of the essay Metaphor, Materiality and Interpretation: The Metaphorical Tranformations of Wala Island Canoes, gripping stuff I assure you.

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