Monday, May 07, 2012

Album Review : Birdcloud - Birdcloud 8*

Birdcloud are two sweet looking girls, Jasmin and Mackenzie, who play guitar and mandolin and sing in a country/bluegrass style.  They are also an absolute disgrace, and hilarious.

You might not pick up from the song titles that Birdcloud's self titled debut is a fairly scathing, and bitingly funny, satire on redneck life.  As soon as the girls start singing though I defy you not to laugh, if you can manage it between the gasps of shock.

There are seven songs on the album, and most are fairly short making it more of an EP length in playing time.  The girls sing and play well, in just the sort of strings and voices style that I love in folk music.  In terms of their lyrics though, it's like listening to The Pierces suddenly being possessed by the spirit of The Macc Lads, it is both raunchy and squalid but delivered with a sort of innocent unknowing quality of their stupidity.

Saving Myself For Jesus has been banned by YouTube. Why ? It may be be the lyric 'my hymen belongs to Jesus', or it could be the references to titty fucking, dry humping or being poked in the back door.  The girls have encouraged fans to do cover versions and post them so have a look around.

Other subjects covered in their song range from boasting about their mock native American heritage on Indianer, bewailing the loss of a beloved pet in Bandit, and to be honest Warshin My Big Old Pussy requires no further description.

The music is good, the girls sing well, they shock and entertain in equal measure, it's a short album but you'll get your money's worth of belly laughs from it.


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