Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Fables Movie

I came across this list on the net and got all over excited. A Fables movie ! With a quite stellar cast ! Oh hang on though, it's got Charlie Sheen in it, that can't be a good thing.

Reading on through the list I was wondering how the producers had managed to pack all these stars into one film, and then it dawned on me, this is just fanfic isn't it ?  Apparently there was due to be a Fables TV series but right now that project looks dead in the water.

I suppose the problem is that comics with complex plots and large casts don't translate easily to the large or small screen, just look at the hideous nightmare that Hellblazer became when reincarnated as Constantine in the cinema.  Of course it didn't help that they cast the world's worst actor in the lead role, but the plot was also a load of rubbish.

Fables has numerous high profile characters, many of whom take prominent roles at different times in the story arcs, and the main story arc of The Adversary wouldn't easily cram into one movie, a trilogy perhaps ?

I wouldn't think that a series of films would be unworkable, provided a director with a feeling for the original comics was put in place.  With so many of the characters being instantly recognisable to a western audience it should be a reasonably easy sell as well.  Casting old Mazza Manson as Mr. Dark though ? I know he looks like him but do you seriously need a cast member who is almost as weird as the character he is portraying ?

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  1. Charlie Sheen makes me chuck! But Mr. Manson.... humm