Tuesday, February 07, 2012

'Proof' Of Wild Big Cats In Britain

Video footage taken in Stroud on The Sun website

Of course the video footage is the normal shaky, blurred, long distance "I don't know how to use my zoom" rubbish. The Sun comments section has some moments of comic genius though....

"It's a big black cat alright and there is hundreds of them up and down the country but because there exotic animals the government charge massive fees to keep them so everyone let them go and now the land they reside on the farmers are held accountable to pay the fees and as the farmers like everyone else have no money because of taxes and every other way the gorvernment squeezes money from us the farmers do there best to hide the truth. Just encase they are montioring our posts I agree to disagree and I have been drinking so i'm not sure what I seen." - Huey 77.

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